I help health and wellness brands attract their dream clients & increase profitability through captivating design.

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Breathing new life into
purpose-driven brands.

It’s time to go on a transformative journey – from DIY and piecing together your visual presence – to refined, head-turning pro-status. Think of me as your graphic design BFF – here to help your business flourish with ease. It’s time to breathe new, energetic life into your brand!

You will leave behind the headaches and stress of trying to “figure it out” on your own, because I handle all things design and make the process streamlined, strategic, effortless and fun. ☺️ In doing so, you can focus on building your business while trusting that your designs are in great hands.

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First impressions are 94% design related.

Let’s make your brand stand out!

That statistic is crazy, right? I know some of you are thinking “YIKES!”. And that’s okay, because I’m here to help you shift from that fearful feeling of uncertainty to an “I’m running this damn thing and I look great!” mentality. You can imagine how wonderful that level of confidence will feel, can’t you?

Now, I know your business is top-quality and f*cking amazing. But are you neglecting your visual presence, AKA it doesn’t reflect how great your business is? If so, you may be overlooked by potential clients AND leaving tons of money on the table. The issue is that your brand and business goals are lacking clarity, consistency, and a professional representation that will attract your ideal audience. In finding me, it looks like you found the solution! 🎉

Three ways up-leveling your designs
will increase your brand’s success

Increase Clarity

Together, we will determine the driving force behind your brand, including your business goals and brand persona. This ensures your designs are perfectly tailored to your brand, while attracting and converting your dream clients into paying clients.

Increase Confidence

Shift your energy from being self-conscious (and maybe even embarrassed) about promoting your business, to plastering your products and services everywhere with excitement! Having cohesive and beautiful visuals will give you confidence to share your offering with the world.

Gain Credibility

Studies show that consumers grow distrust in a brand when they do not like an aspect of their design, or when it appears “unprofessional” or fragmented. Go to pro-status in no time with a pristine, polished look, and watch how it fosters your brand’s growth and profitability.


What People Are Saying


“Michelle is a very talented designer. She is quick, versatile, and brings a wonderful professional energy to everything she does. Michelle always produces quality work and takes initiative to go above and beyond. She imbues all of her work with distinctive flair.”

— Zac G.

“Where to begin!? Michelle is a very talented, intuitive designer with a great eye and precision for detail. She's also super quick and very adept at juggling multiple projects, while staying extremely organized. She's supportive, helpful and kind – always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.” 

— Nina S.

“Michelle has the rare ability to design using her own creativity and unique design flair, while adhering to specific direction. Working with Michelle is easy: she is enthusiastic, organized, and pays close attention to the smallest of details. She treats every project – big or small – with the same diligence, and always delivers top-quality work.”

— Vennesa V.